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Name:Transgender Plurals
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Welcome to Transmultiplicity, a community specifically for plural groups who identify as transgender. There are trans communities, and there are plural communities, but there are none (on Dreamwidth, anyway) for plural groups that happen to be transgender.

Transgender, for the purposes of this community, encompasses those systems who identify as a gender other than what they were identified as at birth. This includes binary-gendered systems, bigender systems, genderqueer systems, and any other gender identity that you feel comfortable with.

1. No transphobic or anti-plural comments or posts. This is a safe space.
2. No trolling.
3. No flaming or personal attacks.
4. If you have personal issues with other people posting here, take it off the community. Let's act like mature adults.
5. Respect others' identities. Don't make comments or posts attacking others for 'not being trans enough'/'not being plural enough'. Both transgender and plurality are wide categories, and people can fit into several categories.

Sister community: [community profile] plurality

If you have any questions, just PM the mods at [personal profile] plures. One of us will respond ASAP. :)
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